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Create meetings and invite attendees

Choose who can update the main Meeting Document and who can only post suggestions and feedbacks.


Make proposals and give/receive feedback

Each participant can record or write proposals and feedback asynchronously. Forget about finding slots in everyone’s agenda.


Co-create the Meeting Document and sign it

Happy with the current Meeting Document? Close the discussion and optionally ask everyone to sign the outcome.


Keep track of all key decisions

At Meetquo, you will always find a repository of all outcomes through all remote meetings.

Did you know...

…that an MIT study shows
that you spend an average of
23 hours per week in meetings?

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  • Up to 3 meetings
  • Up to 10 signatures


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  • Unlimited meetings
  • Unlimited signatures
  • Premium support

Frequently Asked Questions

Asynchronous meetings are meetings where communication doesn't happen in real-time, allowing every team member expose their ideas at different moments, time zones or locations.

Meetquo helps you to set up asynchronous meetings globally. Forget about wasting time finding a common slot among all the team members’ agendas. With Meetquo, meetings become easier to do, and they become trackable and more efficient.

Meetquo helps you conduct asynchronous meetings, making sure all attendees can participate and that every voice is heard. A meeting can even start when you get on a plane and continue right after you land, without you losing any important comment while you were away.

When many people are connected to the same videoconference it is common to have technical issues that make us waste time: audio and video are often negatively affected with bad Internet connection. This will not happen with Meetquo.

In addition, all participants can give feedback (how many times people are afraid to tell their opinion on something and keep quite while others talk?) and everyone can acknowledge the decisions made by signing the Meeting Document at the end of the meeting. This is also very useful to make sure all parties are on the same page.

Of course videoconferences will still be a thing, same with face-to-face meetings. Meetquo is the tool for the 80% meetings where video or face-to-face contact does not bring extra value.

The Pro Plan includes unlimited Teams and unlimited Meetings as well as premium support in less than 12 business hours.

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With Meetquo, there's no need to find a slot in everyone's agendas!

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